The project

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Key figures



Installed capacity



Guaranteed capacity during dry season



Pelton groups



Annual production



Gross head between the dam and the powerhouse



240/5000 The Sahofika hydroelectric project will have, according to technical studies available to date, an installed capacity of over 192 MW and will produce 1,500 GWh per year. The development will guarantee a power of 130 MW at low water.

According to the technical studies available to date, the development will consist of the following permanent structures:

Reservoir structure comprising a roller-compacted concrete dam and a dike forming a reservoir with a useful volume of 120M cubic meters

Underground structures of water pipe including a low pressure gallery, a well of equilibrium and a gallery high pressure on a length of 4km and a difference in height of 700m

A plant equipped with 7 Pelton groups at 32 MW

A post and an evacuation line on the Antananarivo interconnected network

An access road

A city of exploitation


The project is structured on the basis of a "Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT)" concession contract between a private company, whose sole purpose is to implement the project, and the State from Madagascar.

This type of assembly, known as PPI, makes it possible to mobilize the development, design, construction and exploitation capacities of the private sector. Financing is also provided by the private sector, which limits the use of public debt.

This arrangement finally allows an optimized distribution of risks between public and private parties allowing a better efficiency in the implementation

Environmental and social component

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Located 130 km south of Antananarivo and 70 km east of Antsirabe, the project enjoys an exceptional location with 700 meters of gross waterfall, which makes it possible to minimize the size of the reservoir and maximize the hydraulic potential.

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